Eyebrow Tinting

Some dye their hair yet do not realize how their eyebrows can affect their appearance. We can give you the best look by tinting your eyebrows to the perfect color. We tend to focus on getting our hair to be a perfect color, but what our eyebrows? Our eyebrows are a feature that help shape our face and frame our eyes beautifully. Our professional hair stylists can find you the perfect color to tint your eyebrows to match your hair and make your eyes pop.

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Some use eye pencil on a daily basis, but using semi-permanent hair darkening service you can avoid this daunting task. By utilizing eyebrow tinting to darken or lighten your brows you can get the look that best fits your face, hair color and eye shape. The procedure is quick, safe and doesn’t take long. Our team of professionals will make sure your eyes and skin are protected and safe from any of the products used.

If you have barely-there brows and need to spice things up, come into Deja Vu Med Spa & Salon to get the brows to make your eyes pop and bring your entire look together. Book an appointment with one of our specialists and see why Deja Vu is the right choice for you.

Eyebrow Shaping

Your eyebrows look best when they are shaped correctly according to the shape of your face. Our beauty experts will shape your eyebrows to look clean and beautiful! Some may not realize the importance of eyebrow shaping and how it can dramatically change your entire look. When you shape your eyebrows to fit your face and eye shape, it helps draw out your natural beauty. At Deja Vu Med Spa & Salon, our specialists are knowledgeable about which shape will help bring out your perfect look.

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Everyone is unique with different bone structures and face shapes. When it comes to eyebrow shaping; it is not one size fits all. You want to be sure to have your eyebrows shape your eyes and face structure to make your best features pop.

Our job is to give you the best look by using your unique features and bring out your natural beauty. Our full service spa and salon and see how we can give you the look you desire. Book an appointment for your next eyebrow shaping treatment or any of your eyebrow needs.