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Curly Hair. Hairdressing. Wave .Natural Hair If you are tired of your straight hair and trying to get the perfect curl, perming your hair might be the perfect solution. Perms have come a long way through many decades as the type of perm has ranged from tight curls to long loose curls. At Deja Vu Med Spa & Salon, we provide a full service salon for all of your hair care needs.

  • When you are thinking about getting a perm here are few things you should know about:
  • Perms typically take about one to two hours
  • They generally last about two to six months depending on your hair length and type
  • Perms work best on thick hair that has not been colored or treated
  • You can get a range of curls from tight curls, loose curls, waves, or corkscrew curls
  • Your hair type plays a big part in the type of perm you want
  • Avoid using deep conditioner 24 hours before a term

If you think a perm is right for your hair or you want to change up your look, come into Deja Vu Med Spa & Salon for your next perming appointment. If you want a brand new look to revamp your appearance we can do just that! Book your next hair appointment with Deja Vu.